Picture above is a screenshot from our ICU training solution, where equipment, care tasks and even the patient are animated.


ADESANTE provides comprehensive Virtual training and simulation centers for healthcare. 

Now in time of COVID-19 we are focusing on ICU personnel trainings. These trainings related to the ICU are needed for getting care personnel trained quickly enough to become additional ICU care resources. These trainings are not for replacing any vocational education, but would help to get big amount of care personnel learning some basics of ICU work.

Customers can order these trainings here from our web pages (kindly see the tab: ADESANTE Company and contact us by the contact form on that page).

Trainings could be delivered quickly as a stand alone type of training, where the the basic ICU training solution (or dedicated ICU equipment, ICU care intervention) is installed into Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, which could be used whenever and wherever needed.

Or alternatively it is possible to order comprehensive training / simulation center from us. This includes +20 different kind of trainings with validation, supervising, remote maintenence, monitoring, licencing etc. services. Project type of deployment.

This platform can be utilized for trainings developed by us and/or by external providers (like Medical equipment manufacturers trainings).

This training platform includes following modules:
- Trainee module:
        - e-learning (basic training material)
        - Tutorial (how to use the system)
        - Simulations (performing different case scenarios)

- Teacher module:
        - Supervising (how the trainees are performing)
        - Guiding (giving online guidance / instructions)

- Integration module:
        - User authentication (for authorized users)
        - Scheduling (schduled training tasks)
        - Grading

        - Remote maintenence & training

- Certification module
        - Official certifications

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WHO: Hand Hygiene is one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including the COVID-19 virus.

Unicef: Handwashing with soap, critical in the fight against coronavirus.

Video below: Hand washing simulation (training)

Hand washing

SurgeryVision™ 2.0: EN ISO 13485 class I medical device.

by ADESANTE. Now available for EMEA markets.

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